View Full Version : Gold has risen a lot in short time but gold mining stocks are relatively stagnant

08-20-2011, 01:44 AM
i can't be too hopeful with the gold price rise when the gold mining stocks stay in doldrum. that's a sign that they can bring down the hammer to gold anytime.

the NWO ultimately controls the price of gold. they are allowing it to rise withing framework of their objectives. their main goal is to remove dollar as reserve currency. they will split dollar into a domestic and international dollar. of course the domestic dollar will plummet in value. probably by roughly 2020, the US will get screwed like the argentinians did. before they do that, they are looting to artificially boost the debt in the stratosphere.

there is massive rigging of the gold mining equities but i assume that if enough time passes, they will rig them up. so i sit patiently waiting for that day.