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09-07-2011, 05:13 PM
Just a heads up on yet another bullish use for silver.

to add to the recent discussion on silver and it's medical properties.....

My wife and I have gotten a lot of products recently from a company called Norwex. They specialize in silver infused cleaning supplies or hygiene products.

1- are 3rd party tested anti-microbial
2- use only water added to the microfiber
3- work better than other stuff at cleaning crap up, since it's microfiber is finer. (see writeups on their webpage.)

You have to buy them from home parties (like cut-co or Mary Kay)
but well worth looking into


to quote

"The new Microfiber should be regarded as a complement to regular hygiene practices as it helps prevent the transfer of germs to your hands while cleaning and prevents cross contamination. The microfiber holds in the microbes and germs while the silver kills them."

anyone else use norwex?