View Full Version : Gold Supported At 144 DMA And By Negative Real Interest Rates in US - Charts Of Day

10-19-2011, 09:56 AM

Have not read all this yet...but lots of interesting pro-Gold links at the bottom.

Looking good for Gold.

Risk appetite remains high as seen in gold’s weakness and equities strength.

With France's AAA credit rating looking shakier by the day and Spain
being downgraded by two notches, gold should be supported by safe haven

Every day that goes by without resolving the issue of too much debt
in the global financial system is a day closer to financial contagion.

Gold looks very well supported between the 100 and 144 day moving
average (simple) with the 144 day moving average providing strong
support for nearly three years - since January 2009.

Bullion dealers in Hong Kong say physical demand is robust at these
levels with one dealer reporting “a wave of physical buying” once prices
went below $1,630/oz.