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Old 01-03-2011, 01:07 PM
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Default Which group should I post in?

This thread has been updated and reposted here: https://www.kitcomm.com/showthread.php?t=105016

The old version is shown below.
Members are encouraged to always use the most appropriate group for their posts. To be sure, sometimes it is hard to decide which is the right group, so I hope the following will be helpful both for members posting new threads and to help keep the forum topics organised well enough so that members can find what they are looking for as easily as possible.

"The Markets"

Gold discussion group
This group is for general discussions about trading gold, for example: Physical gold, spot, futures, gold stocks, price movements, forecasts, analysis, investment, and the market. Factors that have a direct effect on the market are best posted here.

No political discussion is allowed except as to how politics affects the market. Members should consider posting items that are not currently moving the market but may have long term importance in one of the other groups described below.

Silver/Platinum/Palladium/Rhodium discussion groups
Alongside the Gold discussion group, Kitco has added groups for silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium, to make it easier for members to find information or join in discussions devoted to the markets and products related to those particular metals. The guidelines are the same as posted for the gold discussion group, but obviously applied to the relevant metal in each case.

Base Metals, commodities and related stocks group
This is primarily meant to be about base metals and other commodities of interest to the PM community other than Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium, for example: Oil, wheat, corn, natural gas, uranium, copper, sugar, etc. This is also meant as a place to discuss stocks in companies engaged in such commodities.

Posts about stocks and charts relating specifically to precious metals are best posted in the relevant precious metal discussion group, or the Precious Metals Mining Stocks Discussion group.

Precious Metals Mining Stocks Discussion group
This is primarily meant to host threads for members to discuss stocks and shares of companies engaged in discovery, mining, or other activities directly related to mining of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium.

Numismatic Discussion group
This group is for the discussion of anything to do with coins, medals and tokens, and primarily those made from precious metals.

The Economy, Banking, Markets and Global Stocks Discussion Group
This forum is for topics relating to economics or banking, and topics affecting stock, bond, and other financial markets, locally or internationally. Members are asked to keep political discussions restricted to those topics directly affecting the economy and financial markets.

"Bar and Grill - For registered members only"

General Discussions
The Kitco Bar and Grill General Discussion Forum is meant to be a fun, friendly place for members to chat about all subjects; the rules still apply here, but this group is more lightly moderated than the Markets groups; discussions can include topics outside of the PM community. Threads on politics, religion, and other controversial topics are allowed as long as they are judged by the moderators to be appropriate and in accordance with the rules of membership.

The Soap Box - Member Rants and Essays
A platform for members to publish your thoughts on a subject.
"Rant": Enthusiastic or extravagant factual, comedic or satirical presentation of a subject.
"Essay": Prose to explain, comment on, or analyse a subject.
Moderators will delete any threads or posts immediately without notice or explanation should they feel it prudent.

Kitco K1 Forum Style General Discussion Group
In the "Kitco Daily" thread, members may post remarks, analysis, ideas, news, information, discussion of the PM markets, or whatever you think other members may be interested in reading without having to start a new thread, or post to another member’s post. Only one thread is allowed in the K1 group, to support an ongoing discussion in the old "K1" forum style.

Survival Preparations
Here, members may discuss how to be prepared for various emergency situations. For example: What will you need? What do you need to know? Survival Preparations for goldbugs could mean anything from coping with bad weather/shortages/interruptions of utility supplies to an all-out breakdown of normal civilised society.

A forum to host discussions of weapons, with a particular focus on firearms. Buying or Selling of weapons is not allowed. Discussing illegal activities or how to do something illegal is not allowed.

Kitco Contests
This forum hosts threads where members may organise and participate in contests to guess the price of silver, gold, etc.

Kitco provides these groups and threads to connect registered members who wish to buy, sell, or trade precious metals with other members, without warranties of any kind, at your own risk. Members are urged to read the various sticky threads entitled for example "Buy/Sell/Trade..." or "Warning..." where the General Rules for the BST threads and cautionary notes are posted, and carefully review the buy/sell threads they are interested in using, before participating. Members wishing to use these groups should add their post to the most appropriate thread, rather than starting new threads.

"Kitco (Announcements, troubleshooting, hints for members, etc.)"

This is for notices and announcements to members and calendars of important events.

This is "Kitco 101", especially for members new to the PM community or the forum, to provide a friendly environment for those who wish to ask questions and learn, and for those who wish to offer helpful advice and information, hints for using the forum, and laws relating to PMs.

Troubleshooting and Suggestions
This group is for discussion of any Kitco Forum related issues, e.g. how the forum works, technical problems using the forum, problems with receiving Kitco emails, issues with how the Forum is run.

Members should also check the "Announcements" posted for each forum (look for a link just above the list of threads), and any sticky threads with special information about the forum.

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